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3D Timmy the Turtle Rocker - Rocking Horse



Timmy the Turtle Rocker - Rocking Horse

A LaserScroll Original 3D Puzzle Pattern

Created by: ConstructMZCM

A rocking horse is a child's toy, usually shaped like a horse and mounted on 
rockers similar to a rocking chair. There are two sorts, the one where the horse 
part sits rigidly attached to a pair of curved rockers that are in contact with 
the ground, and a second sort, where the horse hangs on a rigid frame by iron 
straps the horse moves only relative to the frame, which does not move. 

Ready to cut downloadable Patterns and Projects for your Router, Laser Machine and Scroll Saw in both Imperial Inch format as well as Metric size for the Global CNC Hobbyist.

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